IMS Productions is a premier, multi-faceted, multimedia production company located in Indianapolis, Indiana just across the street from the iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway. We are comprised of two distinct divisions: our Productions Group, who work closely with clients to bring multimedia visions of all sorts to life, and our Mobile Unit Group who supply remote broadcast solutions to network television and other clients.

Production Group: Production is our passion, and our team of producers, videographers, editors, and graphic artists inject that passion into each project, seeking the most creative and effective multimedia tools for clients of every sort.

IMSP is also home to two, 2000 sq/ft, production studios equipped for projects large and small…full set productions with studio audiences to single talent live shots, and ALL with uplink capability.

Mobile Unit Group: Our five-unit, state of the art remote production truck fleet includes “HD 5”, the most technologically advanced remote production unit currently available worldwide. Literally on the technological edge, “HD 5” recently and successfully completed pioneering 4K “proof-of-concept” work with Time Warner Cable Sports. (click here for more info). The fleet travels the nation providing live production services for national sports and entertainment broadcasts and events.

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