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IMSP Adds Design Studio Division

IMS Productions, a leader in media production and technology is proud to announce the launch of our new business division, IMSP Design Studio. Joining the IMSP team effective immediately as Art Director and lead design animator is Frank Grande.

“Frank’s reputation for design excellence, along with his passion for visual creativity will expand our capability to serve our clients,” said Rich Feinberg, Senior Vice President and Executive Producer, IMS Productions.

Frank is a BDA award winning motion graphics designer with 20 years of network, cable, and advertising experience. A professional musician in his spare time, Frank “sees” his visual projects with sound design and music embedded into his visual creativity.

Frank, along with his family, have relocated from California to Indianapolis, and is currently working on a major design project for the ABC Television network.

For more information, contact our VP Production and Development Brian Annakin.