IMS Productions houses 2 full-sized production studios, complete with control rooms, and comfortable client-friendly green rooms. Strand Lighting boards and a wide variety of lighting instruments are included. Studio A measures 52’x44’ with a 16’ high lighting grid, and Studio B is 48’x44’ with a 14’ high lighting grid. Each rear studio entrance accommodates full-sized vehicles and large set pieces. The studios are large, flexible spaces, accommodating of everything from national commercial spots, to live shoots, to simple meeting space.

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  • Black and blue hanging drapes
  • Digital control room
  • Two green rooms available
  • Studio A floor dimensions are 52’x48′ – 16′ Lighting grid
  • Large ladder on wheels with 9′ platform for accessing grid
  • Rear load-in doors are 91″ wide x 107″ high. Vehicles can be driven directly into Studio A from back parking lot
  • Studio B floor dimensions are 48′ x 44′ – 14′ Lighting Grid
  • Various sized ladders for accessing grid
  • Rear load-in doors are 91′ wide x 107″ high.  Vehicles can not be driven directly into Studio B from back parking lot.
  • Smaller vehicles can be driven from Studio A into Studio B through inside doors.